How does AlloReview help the SNCF collect 3x more customer feedback?

A real growth driver, AlloReview allows the SNCF to collect three times more customer feedback with a solution that revolutionises the way people share their experience.

"AlloReview allows us to really listen to our customers, convert leads and save a lot of time in managing returns."

Daniel Aubaret
Directeur Marketing et Relation Client

The SNCF is the French public railway company. As a public company, the SNCF's mission is to provide seamless, door-to-door mobility, everywhere and for everyone. Today, the SNCF's TGV and Ter lines are gradually being opened up to competition. This context is an opportunity for the SNCF to promote and strengthen the passenger experience it offers. It is within the framework of this approach that AlloReview accompanies the SNCF.


In an effort to improve service quality, the SNCF was looking for a feedback solution that would allow them to listen to the voice of their customers, respond and analyse it in real time. There was no hotline in place and the satisfaction analysis systems were not very effective. At a time when foreign competition is opening up, the need to do better and faster is a priority.

AlloReview provides travellers with a solution that allows them to express themselves more easily, quickly and freely about their experience by voice or text.

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Unsolicited implementation of AlloReview with the display of QR codes and a telephone number as well as the provision of business cards in more than 250 TER stations in France. Passengers scan or call the number and are free to share their experience at any time.

Also with AlloReview, the SNCF has also set up a system to measure satisfaction by passenger segment at key moments in the customer experience and to discover opportunities for improvement.

When passengers arrive at the AlloReview survey, they can freely share their experience verbally or in writing. Thanks to the real-time analysis of our AI, the SNCF defined post-feedback scenarios according to the passenger's satisfaction and the subject he/she mentioned. This enabled them to re-engage dissatisfied customers by directly addressing their needs and to reward loyal customers.


The implementation of AlloReview brings out the benefits for the SNCF:

- Real-time management through customer satisfaction

- Voice reviews are more verbose and are a real opportunity for improvement

- Passengers feel engaged and listened to

more opinions collected compared to the original questionnaire
more areas for improvement identified
of analysis time saved!
Which ROI?
Thanks to call-to-actions, travellers sign up for a subscription following a positive review left via AlloReview.
Cost reduction
10% of customer service calls are about train delays and refunds. With AlloReview these calls are reduced by 50%

- Dissatisfied customers leave their opinion on the application and talk about their delay

- The opinion is understood and the form concerning the request for reimbursement is directly proposed to the customer.

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