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A whole new way to listen to your customers' feedback, analysed in real time by cutting-edge artificial intelligence

AlloReview allows you to get richer feedback in larger quantities through the voice channel. Whether solicited or unsolicited, your customers speak freely and give you insights to make informed decisions.

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Listen to 4x more customers

Listening to your customers has never been easier. They can express themselves freely, within seconds.
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Listen more!

"I wanted to buy a sofa bed but it was sold out"


At the end of the feedback, propose personalised Click-To-Actions according to the level of satisfaction and the issues raised.
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Make decisions

Track customer satisfaction KPIs. Identify their main concerns. Move quickly from data to action.
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Our clients get results. 

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"AlloReview allows us to really listen to our customers, convert leads and save a lot of time in managing returns."

Daniel Aubaret

Marketing and Customer Relations Director


more feedback collected


more promoters listened to


analysis time saved

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Customer knowledge

Receive on average 4 times more feedback, 5 times richer than written verbatims.

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70% more promoters leave you a review. Improve your brand image.

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Creating retention

Offer an automatic and personalised response that meets the needs of your detractors.

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Time saving

Our AI analyses the customer's voice, emotions and intentions in real time. You can access it with one click.

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