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Voice technology is transforming our lives.

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Voice technology has been developing at a rapid pace and has gradually transformed the way we live our daily lives. You may have witnessed a recent surge of interest in using voice technology to perform everyday tasks, such as checking the weather, setting timers or placing orders.

This growing demand for voice technology in recent years states a lot about customer expectations. There has been a drastic shift in the way the public chooses to interact with brands. Consumers are time-starved and prefer simple, efficient and time-saving solutions. If companies comply with these demands, they will build a strong relationship with their customers and respond to their requests accordingly. This will ensure that they remain relevant and competitive.

The rising demand for voice technology

Many people want to send voice notes instead of text. Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram understood this early on and have already introduced audio features into their interface to make it easier for their users.

Along with this, there is a steady increase in the use of audiobooks, podcast requests, music platforms and audio assistants. Surveys have claimed that audio assistants such as Alexa and Siri have taken hold in homes around the world. In France, according to the Médiamétrie barometer, there were 3.2 million users of voice-activated speakers in 2019.

Juniper Research estimates that there will be 8 billion digital voice assistants in use by 2023, up from 2.5 billion at the end of 2018. This growing demand clearly shows that consumers are choosing voice technology above all else. (Maybe you even listen to this article with Speechify 😀 ). In recent years, voice technology has become part of our daily lives.

How can we explain the rise in the demand for voice technology?

There are two main reasons for the growing adoption of voice technology:

  1. Voice technology makes life easier. It’s no secret that talking is faster and easier than typing. It’s one of the first things we learn to do as babies, and everyone does it naturally. In addition, voice technology allows modern consumers to send messages and consume content on the go. People will spend less time typing, interacting with impersonal chatbots or waiting on endless phone calls. Instead, by allowing customers to send them voice notes, brands will be able to simply let customers speak quickly and effortlessly as they go about their day.
  2. Voice allows customers to engage with the company in a more personal way. A recent study by Salesforce shows that people are more likely to turn to a company that has a personal relationship with them. Emotionally, we all know that hearing someone speak is far more impactful than reading something they’ve written — and that, most of the time, it’s not what you say that matters, but how you say it. Automating your business processes with chatbots and instant messengers may seem like the way to go in terms of speed and convenience, but with customers demanding personalized experiences more than ever, it’s never been more crucial for brands to retain their human touch. Modern consumers want to feel valued and appreciated — and today they demand to be heard.

That’s where AlloReview comes in!

AlloReview is the next generation of customer reviews. Today, consumers are turning to voice technology to make their communications more expressive and convenient. Understanding and listening to customer reviews is key to growing your business.

With AlloReview, your customers can tell you about their experience at any time by simply leaving a free-form voice message on a dedicated web application. We’ve developed award-winning AI technology to turn that feedback into opportunities to grow your business.

Why does it work?

  1. Most people don’t want to fill out long surveys with questions that don’t always reflect their experience. We offer a whole new user experience where people feel engaged because they are talking to the brand. From start to finish, it only takes seconds.
  2. The complexity of surveys is a barrier to dialogue between brands and their customers. 9 out of 10 customers never respond to satisfaction surveys. With AlloReview, 4 times more consumers share their opinions, providing brands with a wealth of information to better serve them. Customers give feedback 3 times longer when they respond by voice rather than by text. In almost a year, on more than 50 customers, AlloReview has identified 70% more promoters and 40% more detractors allowing companies to re-engage them.
  3. Having a large volume of unstructured customer feedback makes it difficult to analyze. That’s why we developed a proprietary AI technology that addresses the complexity of human language. Feedback is processed in real time to extract meaningful information that can be categorized against predefined groups (i.e. price, packaging, delivery, etc.) or left open-ended to extract any other information that might seem like a trend. In July 2019, it was awarded by the Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL 2019), the world’s best-in class conference about Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The future

You can’t deny that the demand for voice technology is on the rise. To stay current and meet customer demand, it is essential to allow your customers to decide how they want to communicate with you.

It is also essential to know that voice technology is not there to replace text as a form of communication, but to enhance the customer experience and allow people to decide on different ways to communicate.

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If you add a human touch to the business, you will witness the active response of customers and they will love to tell you how to engage them 🤝.